Renters Insurance Protects You Financially

As a renter, you are responsible and pay your rent on time each month.  But what if a disaster occurs, like a major weather event or fire, and the building you are living in is damaged or destroyed.  Your personal belongings and furniture are covered by the apartment complex.  Right?  Wrong.  That’s why renter’s insurance is so important.  A major event can quickly become a financial catastrophe.  The agents at DeBruhl’s Insurance Services work with renters throughout the Asheville, NC area to get the coverage they need.

Apartment owners carry insurance that covers the building but it doesn’t cover the contents of residents’ apartments.  This is where renters’ insurance comes in.  The good news is that it is extremely affordable and provides the coverage you need.  Also, beyond disasters, renter’s insurance can protect your items from theft or vandalism.  It can also cover disasters like broken pipes or electrical damage.  The important thing is to fully understand what the policy covers and what it doesn’t.  For instance, most policies won’t cover items damaged due to neglect or flood events.  For your coverage, you will need to conduct a comprehensive inventory of all of the items that you need to be covered.  That way, if your laptop is stolen while you are working in a café, it will still be covered.  With a small investment of time and money, that’s a lot of benefits!

The team at DeBruhl’s Insurance Services work with renters throughout the Asheville, NC area.  They want you to have the best coverage possible for the most affordable price.  Visit their website for information to get started then give them a call.  When you come in, they will answer any questions that you may have so that you understand your coverage options.  It’s never too late to protect what’s important to you.  Call today!


Why You Need Motorcycle Insurance

Besides motorcycle insurance being required in Asheville, NC, there are a few other reasons why you need it.

Not having motorcycle insurance can be costly if you go without it. If you get caught not having insurance there could be hefty fees, but the consequences of an accident without insurance can be even worse. Statistically, motorcycle riders are at a higher risk of injury and accidents than those who are driving a car.

If you get into an accident, even if it is not your fault, then you may not even get the compensation you need and deserve. If you are hit by a motorcyclist or driver who doesn’t have insurance, without your own insurance you also won’t have any uninsured motorist coverage. If you cause the accident, medical bills for others who are injured can exceed any savings you may have, especially due to skyrocketing medical costs. It’s best to have the most liability coverage you can afford in order to protect your financial assets.

Besides liability coverage, you may also want to consider protecting the investment in your bike with comprehensive and collision coverage. To further protect your bike, you can speak with an agent at DeBruhl’s Insurance Services about custom parts coverage and other options.

Even if your motorcycle is in storage for the winter, there isn’t a benefit to canceling your policy. You should keep your policy active because it shows you have a history of continuous coverage. Keeping insurance on your motorcycle in storage will also mean that you can go for a ride anytime you want if the weather gets unseasonably warm, and if your bike is damaged while in storage then you are covered.

Contact DeBruhl’s Insurance Services, serving Asheville, NC, to get a quote on motorcycle insurance. 

What is umbrella insurance?

You may think that your standard assurance policy covers everything. The reality, however, is that some plans fall short. What would you do if your auto, rental, or homeowner’s assurance policy fell short in Asheville, NC?

Umbrella insurance is a safety net when your standard assurance plan’s limits are exhausted. This special type of assurance policy can make up the difference so that you do not have to come out of your pocket for the outstanding balance. The agents at DeBruhl’s Insurance Services can help you find the right umbrella insurance policy. Read on to learn more about this unique assurance option.

Umbrella insurance further explained

Some bypass umbrella insurance plans because they are not certain as to what such policies can do. You should consider umbrella assurance as a form of protection on top of traditional security.

Every insurance plan has policy limits. An auto assurance plan with a policy limit of $25,000 for property damage will not cover the cost of $50,000 worth of damage. You will need to come up with an additional $25,000 to pay the remaining balance. Such amount may seem like a mountain if you do not have savings.

Umbrella insurance works to pay the additional $25,000. You only need to file a claim to have the remaining balance covered. Such a unique policy helps you avoid lawsuits and other challenges that come as a result of your traditional insurance plan falling short.

How much umbrella insurance do you need?

An umbrella indemnity plan works much like a traditional insurance policy in that there are policy limits. You purchase the amount of coverage that you think works best for your situation. The umbrella insurance plan that you choose pays up to the policy limit amount.

An agent at DeBruhl’s Insurance Services can help you fully understand how umbrella insurance works in Asheville, NC. Call them today to get started with a quote!

3 things you need to know about flood insurance in North Carolina

Your home is your most prized possession in Asheville, NC. It would be quite devastating if a flood came and destroyed everything that you loved about your residence. Mother Nature surely has a mind of her own. Thankfully, the agents at DeBruhl’s Insurance Services can help you find the flood insurance plan that works best for your lifestyle. Read on to learn about the essential of flood assurance!

1. State law does not require flood insurance

The state of North Carolina does not have an official mandate that requires individuals to obtain a flood insurance policy. You do, however, need a flood indemnity plan if you have a mortgage in an area deemed as high-risk when it comes to flooding by FEMA.

In fact, the finance company probably put the clause that requires you to maintain assurance in the repayment agreement. You, therefore, run the risk of the lender attaching overpriced flood insurance to your monthly payments that primarily serves to benefit them. Homes located in flood zones beginning with the letters “A” or “V” are typically required to have flood insurance because they are located at a lower elevation than other residences in the state.

2. You can only buy so much coverage

Flood insurance does not have an unlimited amount of coverage in Asheville, NC. The limit in North Caroline is set at $250,000 for structural damage and $100,000 for the items inside of your residence. It is important to note that the $250,000 limit is firm and includes instances where you may need to rebuild your home from scratch. The limits of flood insurance are why some homeowners choose to purchase umbrella assurance as well.

3. The NFIP specifies when it comes to coverage for your dwelling place

You do not get to decide what constitutes a dwelling place when filing a claim for flood insurance benefits. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) establishes that the vital components that make up a standard home (such as the HVAC system and electrical wiring) are covered along with the basic structure of your residence. Refrigerators and stoves are only considered part of the dwelling place if they are built into the home.

The agents at DeBruhl’s Insurance Services can help you find the flood insurance plan that works best. Call them today to get started with a quote!

How Is Term Life Insurance Different From Whloe Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a great way to protect loved ones from loss of income and any expenses that can result in a covered death of a policyholder. There are two main types of life insurance coverage; whole life insurance and term life. Although they cover outlined instance of the policyholder’s death, they may also offer other features or flexibility to fit particular situations. 

Term Life vs Whole Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a set policy that is paid before the insurance takes effect. It is good for a set period of time and is renewable once that time period expires. This is a good option for people who want to set coverage for a specific amount of time without having to make payments or have changes in the benefit over time. Whole life insurance provides a benefit that may fluctuate over time with monthly payments. The payment may also change through the span of the policy. Usually, there is a cash value that can be borrowed from later in the life of the policy. This type of life insurance might be a good idea for people who are saving for college or retirement. 

Finding The Right Life Insurance Coverage

People who want to find a life insurance policy that fits their needs and gives them options should consult with an experienced, licensed life insurance agent. They can suggest products that match both current and future needs to help clients create a stable future and achieve peace of mind. Anyone who lives around the Asheville, NC area should work with DeBruhl’s Insurance Services to discover the insurance products that can provide exactly what they need.

 DeBruhl’s Insurance Services is proud to serve the residents of Asheville, NC and help them discover life insurance products that can give them security for their loved ones in the future. Call or stop by the office for more details and to speak with an agent. 

When Are You Required to Add Teen Drivers to Your Insurance?

 As your children get closer to driving age, you will likely have many new things on your plate to worry about. Your child’s safety and whether or not they are adequately prepared to drive will probably be on the top of your list. But not too far down that list will also be concerns over how your insurance costs will change.

When to Add Your Teen Driver

Most states require that you add a driver to your policy once they have a driver’s permit. This means that while they are under a learner’s permit, you will not be charged extra. It is a good idea to add your new teen driver as soon as possible to avoid any trouble or fees that might result from not adding them. You can talk to a representative at DeBruhl’s Insurance Services serving Asheville, NC and surrounding areas for more details on what type of changes you can expect on your car insurance cost once you add your teen driver.

Why Will My Insurance Costs Change?

Teen drivers are among the riskiest drivers to insure. Insurance agencies base their rates on risk factors such as age and driving records. Your child’s age is already a strike against them. Unfortunately, the only remedy for this is time and age. As your child matures and continues to maintain an excellent driving record, you may see improvements in your costs.

How Teens Can Help

Your teen can help the insurance cost situation by maintaining a good driving record. Taking driver’s education courses helps tremendously in improving driving proficiency. There are also good grade discounts for students who keep a certain grade point average.

If you would like to learn more about adding teens to your policy, please contact our friendly staff today at DeBruhl’s Insurance Services, serving Asheville, NC, and surrounding areas.

3 Reasons Why Your Commercial Insurance Portfolio Should Include an Umbrella Policy

An umbrella insurance policy gives your primary commercial policy a boost if you ever have a coverable event that exceeds your primary policy limits. If you are a business owner in the Asheville, NC area and want to learn more about this essential tool, contact the team at DeBruhl’s Insurance services today. There are a lot of benefits to adding an umbrella policy, and today we will discuss the top three reasons why business owners in the Asheville area should have this type of coverage. Don’t be stuck with an unnecessary liability situation!

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Insurance Portfolio Should Include an Umbrella Policy

  1. Liability – owning a business can open you up to frivolous lawsuits and claims of liability against you. When you have an umbrella policy, your liability coverage is expanded and this additional protection can make a significant difference in how liability claims affect your bottom line.
  2. Personal Protection – the way that your business ownership structure is set up can cause risk to your personal assets. When you have the coverage that you need, you can protect both your business and your family from claims arising from your company’s operations.
  3. High-Amount Claims – primary commercial policies have limits to the amount of protection that they offer. With an umbrella policy, you can expand the protection that your insurance portfolio provides. When your primary policy "tops out" you can either rely on umbrella coverage or be held responsible for any overages that are determined to be your company’s responsibility.

Ready to find out more about the benefits of a commercial insurance umbrella policy for Asheville, NC business owners? Call or stop by DeBruhl’s Insurance Services today to speak with one of our professional and knowledgeable agents. 

Why you need a home inventory along with your insurance policy

When it comes to procuring insurance for your home, the policy is just one piece of the puzzle. Creating an inventory of every item under your roof is just as important as the policy itself.

How do I go about my inventory?

Creating such a document will help in filing a claim should you fall victim to a tragedy such as a home fire or a natural disaster, according to the experts at DeBruhl’s Insurance Services serving the Asheville, NC region. There is no standard template to use when creating an inventory of your possessions. However, the more information you include in your list, the more useful the document will be should you ever need it.

In addition to listing items, include the date purchased, their estimated values, and other identifying information, such as a serial number. If you have them, it makes sense to include the original purchase receipts. As part of the list, it is a good practice to include where in the house the item is located. Because possessions may move over time and what you own may change. Be sure to update your inventory on an annual basis.

Perhaps just as important as the list itself, be sure to keep the inventory in a safe place. Consider storing a copy in a safety deposit box or the house of a trusted friend or family member. A catalog will be of no use if you lose it alongside all your possessions.

As an alternative to manually creating your list, there are home inventory apps that ease the process. If all else fails, consider using your cell phone’s video camera to create a video inventory.

The team at DeBruhl’s Insurance Services in Asheville, NC is ready to help you with all your insurance questions. Contact our office to get a quote on home insurance,