Why you need a home inventory along with your insurance policy

When it comes to procuring insurance for your home, the policy is just one piece of the puzzle. Creating an inventory of every item under your roof is just as important as the policy itself.

How do I go about my inventory?

Creating such a document will help in filing a claim should you fall victim to a tragedy such as a home fire or a natural disaster, according to the experts at DeBruhl’s Insurance Services serving the Asheville, NC region. There is no standard template to use when creating an inventory of your possessions. However, the more information you include in your list, the more useful the document will be should you ever need it.

In addition to listing items, include the date purchased, their estimated values, and other identifying information, such as a serial number. If you have them, it makes sense to include the original purchase receipts. As part of the list, it is a good practice to include where in the house the item is located. Because possessions may move over time and what you own may change. Be sure to update your inventory on an annual basis.

Perhaps just as important as the list itself, be sure to keep the inventory in a safe place. Consider storing a copy in a safety deposit box or the house of a trusted friend or family member. A catalog will be of no use if you lose it alongside all your possessions.

As an alternative to manually creating your list, there are home inventory apps that ease the process. If all else fails, consider using your cell phone’s video camera to create a video inventory.

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