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North Carolina Renters insurance coverage

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Renters Insurance in North Carolina

North Carolina is an amazing place to live. However, when disaster strikes, it doesn’t discriminate between those who rent or own homes. Just like homeowners, renters also face risks. Even though your landlord may have insurance, it only safeguards building structure but not your personal items. With renter’s insurance from DeBruhl's Insurance Services, LLC in Asheville, NC, you’re protected from losses.

Our renter's insurance coverage includes:

Personal Property Coverage

Think of what you own and how hard you worked to get those items. Personal property coverage helps replace your personal items in the event of an insured risk. In most cases, perils covered include fire and theft.

So, if your electronics get stolen or your furniture and clothing destroyed by fire, this policy may assist you to meet the cost of replacing them. It’s essential to know your coverage limits. Go through your policy with our agents and ask for clarification where necessary.

It’s worth mentioning that personal property coverage may not cover everything. Some belongings like jewelry and comic collection may not be covered. Our agents can help you in determining whether you need additional coverage to safeguard specific items.

Liability Coverage

If you’re found responsible for causing damages or injury to other people, you may have to pay for some costs out of your pocket. However, with liability coverage offered in renter’s insurance, it may help you pay.

Although you may not expect accidents to occur, your child may kick a ball through one of your neighbor’s windows causing damages and injuries. Sometimes, guests may trip and get injured by something in your home. Without liability coverage, you may have to pay for medical bills or damages.

Additional Living Expenses

What would happen if your rented home is destroyed by fire rendering it uninhabitable? Renters insurance comes in to help you meet additional living expenses for bills such as hotel and food.

At DeBruhl's Insurance Services, LLC, we pride ourselves on keeping everyone renting a home in North Carolina safe. Call us or visit our offices in Asheville, NC to get covered.


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